Gladiator is another word for the warrior that resides within each one of us. The Gladiator within represents our  infinite nature, which allows us to tap into the furthest corners of our Imaginations. And it’s a Path because it takes time and acceptance to find the gateway of this infinite nature of ours.

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Empty Hands

Oh, Dear Friend Divine,

I have nothing left to do,

but offer my empty hands to You

and wait for your embrace,

which fills the empty space

within my heart,

and puts a smile on my face!


‘I petition You to resign,

and allow me to join Your Dance Divine!

I petition You to resign,

for there is no time,

I am ready to

take shelter

and beg You to make

my heart a dime!’


‘Oh, Dear Friend Divine,

I really can’t wait any more time,

for Your Shower Divine,

to put out the fire burning in my mind

and my heart to unbind!’

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