Gladiator is another word for the warrior that resides within each one of us. The Gladiator within represents our  infinite nature, which allows us to tap into the furthest corners of our Imaginations. And it’s a Path because it takes time and acceptance to find the gateway of this infinite nature of ours.


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  How can I not love You!? You create and You annihilate, You sustain and You slay, You smile and You play, You dance and You cry. You are the inexhaustible, life-giving force to all living entities. You are the seed-giving father and all caring mother. You are the Sun in the sky and the … Continue reading Bhakti

Monk Undercover.

Everybody wants to be a superhero or superheroine while growing up. Everybody wants to be able to fly like superman and have inhumane strength, saving innocent people from falling skyscrapers. Everybody dreams of being Batman, so they could distribute justice in their own versions of Gotham. Yet, others dream of being Wonder Woman and preserving … Continue reading Monk Undercover.

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