Misgivings of the Loving Heart

Oh, dear friend,

tell me – how can I stand the absence of Love?

How can I reside within this lump of blood and bones?

How can I conform to social norms?

Oh, dear friend,

tell me – how can I stand this burning fire in the chest?

How can I control myself?

How can I live a normal life –

without His loving eyes,

without His playful smile,

without His delightful embrace,

how can I exist?

Oh, dear friend,

tell me!

What’s my purpose –

without Her soothing glance,

without Her beautiful and gentle hands,

without Her  warming presence?

Oh, dear friend,

tell me!

Oh, dear friend,

I wake up at night,

to have an internal fight,

after which,

the mind always wins,

and makes me cry!

‘Oh, damn you Mind!

You are always ruthless

in telling me

what should I do and not do.’

‘You better be quiet, if

it wasn’t for me,

you won’t be alive!’

Oh, dear friend!

Every moment

passes in unbearable agony,

without the Beloved.

Oh, dear friend,

‘I wish he was closer,

I wish she was here,

I wish they were loving me more!’

I wish, I wish, I wish…

Oh, dear friend,

only a jar full of wishes,

that’s what I have become.

There is nothing else,

but wish and hope,

for that is the nature

of one’s misgiving and loving heart!

Oh, dear friend!

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