Jar full of hearts

Hey dear friend,

slipping slowly into procrastination,

falling surely into self-mutilation,

lusting for others’ adoration,

this life, this gift

is not for sense gratification.

Hey dear mind,

let me take hold of your attention,

let me place you at the mercy of God’s adoration,

let me help you feel the exaltation,

of singing His Holy Names,

of dancing in His Dance Divine,

and of the intoxicating sound

of His Flute Divine.

This life, this gift,

is not for you to spoil,

neither curtail,

nor abuse!

You were born with the mission,

to help others’ hearts transition,

into the space of bliss, eternity, and knowledge.

You were born with the mission,

to leave a trail,

to leave an imprint,

to leave a jar, full of loving hearts.

Hey, dear mind,

the responsibility is yours,

to respond with ability,

to fill the hearts of others,

to serve the hearts of others,

to decorate the hearts of others,

for when the final hours,

knock on your door,

a jar full of hearts,

would be the only item,

that you can carry back Home.

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