Living with material desires,

forgetting the means

that will take me higher,

my heart is burning

day and night,

in the reactions

of my misconceived

and misdirected actions.

It is hard, indeed,

to perceive any higher truth

when my mind

is on fire.

Nonviolence, truthfulness, compassion…

nah… these only become

empty signifiers

and servants

to my basic desires!

‘Let me exploit,

let me enjoy,

 let me destroy,

all that is holy,

all that is sacred,

all that matters!’–

this is the only mantra

that dictates my endeavours!

Pathetic condition indeed,

but this is the reality of

choosing Maya (Ilusion)!

The mind burns as if

it’s been bitten by

many hooded serpents of

material desires!

The heart burns as if

it’s been melted in lava!

The body burns as if

it’s been dissembled

limb by limb!

Oh, Dear Friend Divine,

when will You release

Your merciful shower?

When will You put out

this raging fire?

When will You send

me guidance

in the form of Your beloved

flower-like devotees?

Oh, Dear Friend Divine,

allow us to transcend

any worldly desires

and take shelter of

the cooling rays that

come from Your Lotus Feet!

Oh, Dear Friend Divine,

I know You are simply a thief

that collects only hearts,

but without Your mercy

how can I offer my

burning heart!

Thus, I petition to Your attention,

my heartfelt intentions

of purifying my heart

and taking shelter

of Your Lotus Feet!

This forgetful servant

is making a plea!

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