I’ve been walking day and night,

through the darkest corners of my heart,

trying badly reaching for the stars,

but always falling short behind!

I keep fighting with the mind,

confusing always left and right,

forgetting to keep reaching out,

and staying on the right direction

that leads me to eternal perfection!

Walking the path of humility

is my only responsibility

yet, I keep stumbling on the stones of pride,

forgetting once again that Divine Love is might!

Alas, Dear Friend Divine,

the distance between our hearts

won’t be bridged overnight!

The distance between our hearts

feels like walking through the Valley of Death,

where, at times, I lose my life-breath,

and I can’t keep walking ahead!  

Oh, Dear Friend Divine,

when will that day be mine,

when every step towards You is a dance,

when every word about You is a song,

and when every action for You is a prayer?

Oh, Dear Friend Divine,

let me walk the distance,

make me humble,

don’t allow me to stumble,

so, one day I can join Your Dance Divine

and celebrate Your Love Divine,

till the end of Time!

Your pretend to be servant is

making a plea!

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