Empty Hands

I used to hold and read books

describing You.

I used to make every step for You.

I used to cook and eat whatever

I had for You.

I used to sing and dance for You.

I used to breathe for You.

I used to smile and love for You.

I used to work and fight for You.

Alas, all I do now,

is taste the sand-like

poisonous reactions of my own

ungodly actions!

My dear brother mind,

desires only fight

for who to control my heart.

The senses are relentless,

singing their own hymns,

proclaiming self-centredness

for their king.

Egoism, depression, and suppression,

are blinding my heart

to perceive the Ultimate Vision.

Oh, Dear Friend Divine,

what do I really have,

but my empty hands!

You take and give,

You create and destroy,

You direct and submit,

You make us dance and

set us free!

Oh, Dear Friend Divine,

I have nothing left to do,

but offer my empty hands to You

and wait for your embrace,

which fills the empty space

within my heart,

and puts a smile on my face!  

Oh, Dear Friend Divine,

this servant of yours is

expressing what’s on his mind!


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