It’s time!

Enough of adoration,

enough of self-condemnation,

enough of sense gratification!

I have been wasting day and night,

slowly losing sight

of Your words Divine!

‘Come to Me… do not fear!’­­–

does not enter my ear.

‘Let go of pride and lust!’–

my mind trembles in disgust.

‘Serve Me, worship Me, adore Me!’–

it seems my heart is placed

on me only.

Enough of distractions,


and petty reactions.

Oh, dear brother mind,

it’s time for you,

to start worship the Divine!

It’s time for you to heal,

the wounds of old battles,

the scars of childhood fights,

and the traumas of your old ways!

It’s time for you to rise,

from the ashes of the past,

and simply fly above the

hurdles that come on your way!

It’s time to sing,

it’s time to praise,

it’s time to dance,

and lose yourself,

in the bliss of His Holy Names!

It’s time to serve,

it’s time to help,

and surrender yourself,

in the bliss of His Universal Embrace!

No more procrastination,

no more intoxication,

neither infatuation,

rather only dedication

on the path of Salvation!

It’s time to be more humble

than a blade of grass,

more tolerant than tree,

 and simply serve everyone

you see!

Oh, brother mind,

it’s time finally

for you to

secure your

trust in the Divine!

Step up!

Hey dear friend,

I didn’t come here to

complain, nor indulge,

 or enjoy!

Your habits of attachment

are misdirecting

my practices of detachment.

You have tied my intelligence,

with the poisoning ropes of anger, greed and lust.

You have stolen my attention,

with your endless conversations.

Oh, dear mind,

I have nothing else to do,

but only preach to you!

It’s time for you to step up,

for you were born to endure,

for you were born to secure,

the hearts of others

from eternal starvation.

Step up dear friend,

for your time has come,

to be an instrument of Grace,

to help others transition into sacred space.

You can’t hold onto this body forever,

so simply get your act together!

When the time of death arrives,

will you be able to surmise

how well and how much

you gave yourself to others?

So, step up dear mind,

grab the torch of knowledge,

and help illuminate the path,

on the way of Salvation!

Step up dear mind,

for this Flute Player Devine,

is greedy for everybody’s adoration!

Step up dear mind,

do not despair,

for I always think of you

with the best of intentions!


Control is what I strive for,

Control is what the mind wants,

but control is what the heart lacks!

Thinking day and night,

that I control this or that,

forgetting the simple fact,

that the Lord has everything intact.




past, present, and the future,

He is ever-present,

 here, there, everywhere.

Yet, again,

I the conditioned soul,

want to possess,

lust to obsess,

and fear to confess,

that I am not in control,

that I fear of losing it all,

and always screwing it up all!

By the Grace of God,

I remembered it all,

that He is in control!

Knowledge, forgetfulness, and memory,

He brings these to us all.

Not a single blade of grass moves, 

without His will Divine.

He inspires my thoughts,

actions, and words.

He attracts, distracts, and entangles.

He provides us with what

we deserve.

So we may ask-‘Who is truly in control?!’

Control is what I strive for,

control is what the mind wants,

but control is what the heart lacks!

Oh, Forest Path Divine!

Oh, forest path Divine,

Oh, forest path Sublime,

show me the direction,

so I can pursue perfection!

Enough of wasting time,

enough of spacing out,

simply direct me towards

the way out!

I walked some time alone,

friends, family and relatives,

also came along.

I tasted all the fruits around,

but, alas, all bittersweet,

they turned out to be.

I slept under many trees,

and enjoyed their protection,

but couldn’t find any salvation.

I met some forest beasts,

as well as saintly priests,

but they didn’t provide me,

with any revelation.

At the end,

engulfed by desperation,

by some Divine intervention,

a saintly soul,

took me by the hand,

and showed me the direction!

He smiled and said:

‘Follow this forest path Divine,

and you will achieve perfection!’

Oh, forest path Divine,

Oh, forest path Sublime,

show me the direction,

so I can pursue perfection!

Living on Rent

Mine or yours,

yours or mine,

life is hard to define,

when our mind and heart

is empty of the Divine.

We forgetful souls,

have the habit of

claiming this and that to be ours.

We forgetful souls.

have the habit of,

controlling others.

A possessive voice echoes

within the chambers of our hearts:

‘This body is ours,

that mind is ours,

that land, that lake, that Earth-

all ours to manage.’

Forgetting the simple truth,

that right from the start,

life was something borrowed,

something gifted, something not ours!

Forgetting the simple truth,

that we are living on rent.

Rented bodies, rented talents,

rented hearts, rented minds!

But at the end of the day,

there is always rent to pay!

Our rent can’t be paid with

money, possessions, or power!

Our Landlord Divine,

has only one request-

to serve and dance,

until the final rest.

Our Landlord Divine,

has only one request-

to dive deep and surrender

all the rest.

‘Give up this body, this mind,

and come with Me,

for your Final Test!’-

Our Landlord Divine,

never ceases to call us

the forgetful souls,

with His Flute Divine.


Everybody has that brother

who carries what we lack,

who never lets us down,

who knows what we are all about.

Everybody has that brother,

that steps up for us,

that would fight for us,

that would play with us.

Even if we don’t have such a brother,

sometimes our mind acts as one-

he supports us, he inspires us, he ignites us.

Sometimes he plays the evil brother,

he fights with us, he annoys us, he deludes us,

but he’s our brother.

Even the Divine has a brother,

even They fight sometimes,

even They play sometimes,

but at the end of the day,

They love each other all the time.

So we the forgetful souls,

have the chance,

to find a brother in this Boy Divine,

to play and fight with Him,

till the end of time.

Now is the time

to hold up hands,

and call out our Brother Divine!


When will that day be mine?

When will that day be mine,

when I call Your Name out

and tears roll down from my eyes?

When will that day be mine,

when I call Your Name out

and roll on the ground?

When will that day be mine,

when I call Your Name out

and I jump up and down?

I guess, I really don’t wanna

that day to be mine?

All I do is talk the talk

but forget to walk the walk!

How can that day be mine

when the heart is a desert,

when the mind is a storm,

and the tongue is a serpent?

How can that day be mine

when I am chocking in isolation,

when I am lusting for adoration,

and am drowning in sense gratification?

How can that day be mine

when pride is intoxicating my vision,

when greed is suffocating my action,

when anger is blinding my intention?

Humility is the key,

that unlocks the door

for Your Divine Abode.

If I can’t cry out to be humble,

then I should cry out to learn how to cry!

Alas, when will that day be mine

when I can truly cry?

Weeping and weeping,

your pretend-to-be servant,

submits this cry out!



The intention is what

dictates my attention,

but the unrestrained

ways of my attention

have enslaved my intention.

Clouded in isolation,

my heart suffers from starvation,

not knowing the taste of liberation,

lusting over for the latest creation!

I have been told

to clean the mirror of the heart,

from all past unrestrained intentions,

 undesired actions,

and misfortunate situations.

I try day and night,

I even curse in my mind,

but I am slowly suffocating

in my own frustration.

I have been told

to be lower than the grass,

more tolerant than a tree,

and see everyone as free.

All I see is

dirt and lust in my heart,

a heart full of guilt,

full of pride,

full of doubt!

A distant voice echos in my mind:

‘Purifying the intention

will make you the master of the attention,

and where your attention is,

that’s where you are!’

Indeed, by the grace of God,

I remembered now-

to keep cleaning that heart,

to keep serving the greats,

to keep praying for help!

Indeed, by the grace of God,

I remembered now-

to call out His Holy Names,

to hear out His mesmerising Flute,

to run towards His transcendental Dance!

Typically for this Boy Divine,

He shows Himself from time to time,

either from within,

sometimes from without,

 to remind us all,

that He never let us go!

Typically for us conditioned souls,

we rise and fall, rise and fall,

in the never-ending struggle

of purifying our heart’s intentions!

We rise and fall, rise and fall,

in becoming the master of our attentions!

Jar full of hearts

Hey dear friend,

slipping slowly into procrastination,

falling surely into self-mutilation,

lusting for others’ adoration,

this life, this gift

is not for sense gratification.

Hey dear mind,

let me take hold of your attention,

let me place you at the mercy of God’s adoration,

let me help you feel the exaltation,

of singing His Holy Names,

of dancing in His Dance Divine,

and of the intoxicating sound

of His Flute Divine.

This life, this gift,

is not for you to spoil,

neither curtail,

nor abuse!

You were born with the mission,

to help others’ hearts transition,

into the space of bliss, eternity, and knowledge.

You were born with the mission,

to leave a trail,

to leave an imprint,

to leave a jar, full of loving hearts.

Hey, dear mind,

the responsibility is yours,

to respond with ability,

to fill the hearts of others,

to serve the hearts of others,

to decorate the hearts of others,

for when the final hours,

knock on your door,

a jar full of hearts,

would be the only item,

that you can carry back Home.


Hey dear friend,

it’s me again.

It’s been a long day,

that I haven’t had the say,

once again you stole my attention away!

Hey dear friend,

I am questioning you again-

what are you looking at,

what stories are you telling,

what pictures are you painting?

Hey dear friend,

criticising is a wobbly bridge,

fantasising is a crazy witch,

and comparing is an ugly ditch.

Let go your grip off my attention,

let me help you understand the situation,

and simply follow my lead

into the Dance Divine creation!

God’s Name is the boat,

that will carry you,

to His Divine Abode.

God’s Name is the key,

that will unlock the door,

to His Divine Creation!

Hey dear mind,

let your grip off my attention,

so I can dance, laugh, and play

in His Divine Creation!