How can I not love You!?

You create and You annihilate,

You sustain and You slay,

You smile and You play,

You dance and You cry.

You are the inexhaustible, life-giving force to all living entities.

You are the seed-giving father and all caring mother.

You are the Sun in the sky and the Moon in the night.

You are the eternal time personified.


How can I not love You!?

You protect me and You maintain me,

You feed me and You wake me,

You invigorate me and You humble me,

You carry me and You guide me.


How can I not love You!?

They say You are infinite.

Once, You came as my mother.

You gave me this body, You raised me up, and You eternally loved me.

Once, You came as my father.

You gave me this body, You taught me, and You eternally loved me.

Once, You came as my friend.

We danced together, We sang together, and We played together.

Once, You came as my guru.

You opened my eyes, You gave me knowledge, and You showed me the way.

Once, You came as my lover.

You showed me what true love is, You showed me eternity, You made me dance in ecstasy.

You made me forget about death, You made me cry out of bliss, You nested yourself in my heart.


How can I not love You?!

When I see You in my heart, the whole world stops.

When I sing Your name, the sweet transcendental nectar flows.

When I meet Your devotees, fearless I become.


How can I not love You?!

Oh, God,

Oh Krishna, How can I not love You?!

She walks away…


I met her in the classroom,

We met.

We shared some beautiful moments together,

She smiled,

I smiled,

But then she walked away…

I met her on the street,

We went out,

We kissed,

We hugged,

But she walked away again…

I met her in the club,

We talked,

We walked,

We laughed,

And she walked away…

I met her in the temple,

We danced,

We shared food together,

We talked,

We made love,

But she walked away…

I met her on the Way,

We walked,

We meditated together,

We sang,

But she walked away…

I met her in Yoga class,

We practiced,

We chanted,

We read together,

But she walked away…

She comes, She goes,

She walks away!

She kisses me, she hugs me

She walks away!

She loves me, she surrenders to me,

She walks away!

On and on she walks away…


The Tower of Love

Nested high in the Mountains,

away from impure thoughts,

away from selfish desires,

away from anger,

away from frustration,

away from violence,

and away from the toxins of life,

sleeps a beautiful and tall Tower.

The Tower of Love,

is resting on the Mountain peak,

where every second is a smile,

where every minute is a breath,

where every hour is a step,

and where eternity is bliss.

The Tower of Love,

invites us all,

to purify our hearts,

to let go of our minds,

and to nourish our souls.

The Tower of Love,

brings the Sound,

the Sound of the good vibes,

the good vibes emanating from,

‘Hare, Krishna, and Rama.’

Hare, Krishna, and Rama,

they bring us the Love of life,

the Love of existence,

the Love of Nature,

and the Love of All.

In the Tower of Love,

the Good Vibes,

make us dance,

make us scream,

make us shout,

the Good Vibes,

oh they,

heal our hearts.

They give us strength

they help us forgive,

they make us trust,

they make us love,

they make us live.

The Good vibes,

in the Tower of Love,

brings us closer to Ourselves,

brings us closer to Home.

In the Tower of Love,

Mind, Heart, and Spirit,

dance their Cosmic Tango.

Oh, Tower of Love,

You are Heaven on Earth!

Oh, Tower of Love,

You are Our only Hope!



Empty hearts, empty souls,

walking up and down.

This aimless crowd,

lacks the sound,

the sound of joy,

the sound of peace,

the sound of hope,

and the sound of beautiful tomorrow.

Not knowing who they are,

what they are,

how they are,

and why they are.

Numbing spirits pouring down their throats,

Slowly building up their walls.

 Walls defending them from what?!

Clueless, they are about that!

Keep playing up the roles,

 of the sons and  the daughters,

the brothers and the sisters,

the husbands and the wives,

the businessmen and the businesswomen,

the consultants and the advisers,

the politicians and the diplomats,

the artists and the musicians,

the kings and the queens,

the gods and the goddesses.

Ignoring the simple fact,

that the Goddess of All,

Her timeless Majesty the Queen of Death,

Has them All!

Alone they were born,

Alone they will perish!

For them all,

 her Majesty’s Cosmic Dance,

ceaselessly unfolds,

step after step,

breath after breath,

smile after smile,

and teardrop after teardrop.

Leaving only, a trail of Cosmic Stardust,

a basket full of,

 dreams unfollowed,

fears unchallenged,

words unsaid,

and promises never kept!

A veil of melancholy,


and darkness

has engulfed this crowd.

The little Lightness left,

 has been buried,

somewhere deep into the hearts.

The little joy, the little beauty,

The little inner peace,

something big, some bigger Force,

a Promethean determination,

would be needed,

to bring it out into the world.

If not that, a little crisis,

A little loss,

A little pain,

A little bit of that, or a little bit of this,

is all is needed,

to remind,

this hopeless and aimless crowd,

about the Beauty that lies within,

within the hearts in each one of them.

Oh, this inner Beauty,

oh, this inner Love,

is the only tool,

 to embrace,

the Cosmic Dance,

of her Majesty,

the Queen, the Goddess of Death,

and then dance with Her,

dance with Her,

‘till the end of times,

‘till their final breath,

‘till their final step, or smile!

And if that’s not recipe for Life,

I don’t know what else there is!?



The Metropole,

Mother of all cities

nested in the night,

illuminates the sky.


city lights,

 corner shops,

buses and the cars,

people and the stands,

all part, all a cog,

all a string, or screw,

of this orchestrated mechanical symphony.

All playing their parts,

through the alchemy of their hearts.

All screaming,



‘Give me more, Give me more! I can’t get enough!’

 Faces, all glued to the ground,

drumming their fingers on the illuminated screens.



and drives,

constantly bombarding their,




and minds.

Oh, Metropole, Mother of all cities,

this very symphony of yours,

it does never stop!

In the middle of all,


there in the ground,

lies a flower.



and healthy,

somehow thriving,

defying any logic,

The White Rose withstands,

this final hour.

Standing tall like a soldier,

and shining bright like the Moon,

the White Rose stands there,

in the middle of the square,

in its last stand against the Metropole!

Suddenly, a child appears!

And our last rebel, the White Rose,

is about to disappear.

The violent hand approaches,

and from the ground uproots the flower!

Alas, this is how,

The Mother of all cities, the Metropole,

has silenced her last opponent,

the last rebellion!

Alas, this is how, the Mother of all cities,

the Metropole,

became also the Master of All,

the Master of All among the living…


Faces walking up and down,

not knowing where and how.





Oh, these faces,

they are walking up and down.

Faces coming from afar,

not knowing where they’ve been,

where they are,

nor where they’re going.

All these faces, they are lost.

lacking inner guide,




Oh, these faces,

they are walking up and down.

Faces native to the land,

but still not knowing who they are,

walking up and down,

day after day, night after night

step after step, breath after breath,

wasting precious time,

oh, these faces,

they are walking up and down.

Here and there one face,

emerges from the crowd,






‘Wake up! Wake up! Oh, sleepful crowd, please

Wake up!’

Alas, all these faces,

they are still walking up and down.


The Mountain

Year after Year, Eon after Eon

the Mountain sleeps.

There are no storms, hurricanes, or thunderbolts

That could wake her up!

Eon after Eon, Year after Year

Past, Present, Future,

The mountain has seen it all!

Ah, timeless her dreams,

they are!

Year after Year, Eon after Eon

the Mountain houses

all the trees, all the beasts and the bugs,

all the rivers and the rocks,

all the paths and all the caves!

Oh, Mountain, guardian the great,

You are!

Eon after Eon, Year after Year

the Mountain her peaceful song she sings.

a melody so mysterious, so mesmerizing,

even the deepest wounds it heals!

Year after Year, Eon after Eon,

Eon after Eon, Year after Year,

the Mountain, oh she sleeps!